Great for a quick snack or alongside one of our meals for a more substantial meal wa! soups are healthy, wholesome and delicious. Lovingly created using locally sourced organic ingredients blended with spices and herbs from around the world to give our soups a unique flavour.


Our sauces are the perfect accompaniment to any dish you are creating at home. Using only the finest locally sourced organic ingredients, herbs and spices our sauces are the missing ingredient in a great dish!


Nutritious, hearty and flavoursome our meals are made fresh every day using locally sourced organic, seasonal produce uniquely blended with spices and herbs to create a mouth- watering ready to go meal.


wa! welcomes the opportunity to help others. We want to make it easier than ever for you to grab a quick bite to eat without compromising your healthy lifestyle. Yet for millions of people, grabbing a quick bite is a slow, enduring battle. Wa! is doing its bit to help – uniting our customers in a community where they can nourish happiness and bring comfort to those who lack the basic necessities of life. Our promise is to feed the under-privileged, every time you buy a meal from us. Join us in this revolution by choosing wa! each time your stomach grumbles.