Here at wa! we want to improve lives. Not just the lives of our customers but also for others around the world. This is why we created the ‘Nourishing Happiness’ promise.

For millions of less fortunate people in other countries, finding food can be a slow, enduring battle. But by working with various charitable organisations we have the power to help change this.

We promise that for every wa! pot sold, a child in poverty, anywhere in the world, gets fed with a healthy meal.   It’s that simple! So all you need to do is buy a wa! pot for your lunch or dinner and we will do the rest.

So far wa! has given over 16,500 meals to under privileged children, by working alongside a charitable organisation in Satara, India, that struggles to get aid and is currently run by local volunteers. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and are hugely excited to see what a great impact our ‘Nourishing Happiness’ campaign is going to have around the world.

Join us in this revolution by choosing wa! each time your stomach grumbles and know that you are helping to feed another hungry mouth at the same time.

Stay tuned for our next update of where together we are making a difference.