We are driven by healthy living.

Walimbay Limited was founded on the premise that healthy food equals healthy living. As a fast-growing company, located in Oxford, we are supplying nutritious, organic and freshly packed cooked food to local delis, markets and food stores near you.

Favour Flavour

Crave delicious food? We’ve got you covered. We combine worldwide flavours with local produce to make something unmistakably unique and wholesome.

Health Makes Wealth

Past meets future. Before all the food-enhancing chemicals we all enjoyed organic produce. We are looking at our past to make our future which is why health is number one on our list. We source organic produce from local farmers, reducing food-miles and carbon footprint giving you the promise of nutrition and well-being.

Nourishing Happiness

Giving is happiness and we believe that happiness can only multiply. By working together and harnessing food we can make sure this world has fewer hungry mouths to feed. Which is why we are doing our bit by providing for the underprivileged and helping them to become self-sufficient through education.
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We are Walimbay (un)Limited.




How many times today have you paused to consider world hunger? Exactly – we’re all guilty. In this modern age, we’re all pushed for time and constantly trying to juggle endless commitments. Most of us would love to help more and to alleviate troubling concerns that simply refuse to go away, yet it’s a struggle when it’s not convenient.

Here at wa! we want to change that. We want to make it easier than ever to help people in poverty escape this vicious cycle. We all know there’s not enough food for everyone on this planet and that a large percentage of food is wasted each year. Supermarkets and shops in every one of our cities and towns throw out perfectly good food each day that people in less fortunate areas of the world cry out for.

There are millions of mouths to feed and no way to reach them – until now.wa! is fighting for change by creating a mini revolution starting with the meal right in front of you. There’s no extra effort required by you – simply purchase any delicious wa! product to satisfy your hunger and we will satisfy someone a little hungrier in an area a little less fortunate.

Together, we can stand against hunger and poverty. Together, we will ‘Nourish Happiness’.